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Q. Why ending support for Studio for IE?

 Studio for IE uses Silverlight provided by Microsoft as its operating environment, but Microsoft's support for Silverlight will expire on October 12, 2021.

 < Microsoft Official Page >

 In accordance with this, SkyVisualEditor VF will also terminate support for Studio for IE on October 12, 2021.

 We ask for your cooperation in migrating to our successor service, Studio for Windows.

 For more information on how to use Studio for Windows, please refer to Help < 2-2. SkyVisualEditor Studio for Windows >.

Q. What happens to Studio for IE after support ends?

 On October 12, 2021, support for Studio for IE will end, and it will no longer be guaranteed as a service provided by SkyVisualEditor, including product support support and security updates.

 Also, Studio is scheduled to be stopped after October 13, when support ends. Please be forewarned.

Q. What happens to pages saved with Studio for IE after support ends?

 Pages created in Studio for IE can continue to be used in Studio for Windows.

 It will not be deleted by itself after the end of support, nor will it need to be recreated anew in Studio for Windows.

Q. Are there any features that are not available in Studio for windows?

 Features available in Studio for IE are compatible with Studio for Windows, and you can continue to use the same features.

Q. Will the migration of Studio for Windows affect the pages already deployed to Salesforce with Studio for IE?

 There is no effect on the deployed pages.

Q. Studio for Windows support proxy authentication?

 Yes, it is supported.

 After the application is launched, the proxy authentication screen will automatically be displayed.

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