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V11.0Set default field values of data table on creating new records(7)-b-1. DataTable
(8)-b-1. MultipleRow DataTable
Set the size of custom lookup windows(9) Property
(7)-b-1. DataTable
V10.0Correspond to time data type items

(7) Field Icons
(1)-b. URL parameter setting
(1)-e-3. Available Data type Items for Inline Editing
(1) Available fields

Change the maximum number of item placements in the search result table from "40" to "50"

(7)-b-1. DataTable
4-5-6. Set Search Results Fields

Saving confirmation message when first searching on important update search screen is hidden(7)-b-1. DataTable
V9.0Update reCAPTCHA2-3. Registration
2-4. Reset Password
3-3. Group Users
Update API version(1)-g. Deploy

Able to use new 2 relation lists below

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(10)-a. Overview
Enhance the custom button limits to 1003-6-7. Page property
(174) Component Counter
The Error message has been changed4-2-6. [Template]Page Assignment
LEX Design

(14) LEX Design

Responsive PageBlockSection

(15) Responsive setting of the PageBlockSection

Produce a Lightning Component

(16) Lightning Component

Buttons of Related Lists on Lightning Experience are added(10) Related Lists
Apex Code has changed when using AppComponents(1415) AppComponent
Hide Rewrite button(35) Free hand input item
Settings for enabling Visualforce pages on Lightning Experience and Mobile Application is added3-6-7. Page property
(1) Page property
V8.0Added DATE and DATE/TIME data type for inline Editing.(1)-e-3. Available Data type Items for Inline Editing
Added Change Sort Order in Light Data Table.(9)-b-1. Light Data Table
V7.0「Skip Saving Parent」Property(1) Page prperty
Light DataTable(9) Light Data Table
Code Sample Added5-1-4-12 Add Search Condition
Placing AppComponent on Search Template4-5-12. Place AppComponent
V6.0Compatible with Salesforce Console(13) Salesforce Console
Show Confirm/Complete dialogue message in Custom Button(20)-b. Properties
Improved the method of Deploy processing3-6-1. Header / Menu
(1)-g. Deploy
Use URL parameter setting for search condition(1)-b. URL parameter setting
V5.0Apply Salesforce Lightning Design System to your page4-13 Samples of Salesforce Lightning Design System
Batch Save the SVE files to local environment(1)-n. Batch save Local Files
[AppComponent] Embed Visualforce PageSkyVisualEditor Default AppComponent Package User Manual
Show multiple number of errors at Data input/update5-1-3-1. Interface of extended class
5-1-3-4. Exception Interface
5-1-4-11. Show errors on multiple number of fields at validation rule error
Improved Studio UI(1)-b. Open
(1)-e. Open Version history

Connecting to External Objects (beta version)

(1)-a. New
V4.1Provide previous version of the Studio2-5. Login
SVE file version management(1)-e. Open Version history
(1)-f. Save page and version
Permission is relaxed for search criteria fields in Parent-Child relation, Lookup field and Picklist.(2) Search criteria fields
(2)-f. Permission is relaxed for Parent-Child relationship and Lookup fields
(1)-e. Displaying Choices Setting for a Picklist Field
Display "Page description" field in Bulk Deploy dialogue(1)-h. Batch deploy

Permission is relaxed to use Select List field with dependent field settings in a Search Criteria field

(2) Search condition fields
V3.7Able to change sorting order of the Range specification item and Search Condition Item in Search Template screen(2) Search criteria fields
4-5-3. Set Search Criteria Fields
(3) Display method for Search Condition Field
Able to use the Date Item with range specification and Search Condition Item in Search Template screen(1) Available fields
View Only Table feature(7)-b. Properties
(8)-b. Properties(10)-b. Properties
Rule change for operator value settings for Search Condition Item in Search Template screen.(2) Auto-setting for operator symbols
Able to disable sort feature for Tables(7)-b. Properties
(8)-b. Properties(10)-b. Properties

VisualforcePage Import

*Please check Visualforce Page Import document for more details.
Visualforce Page Import User Manual

(1)-k. Import Visualforce page

Inline Editing

(1)-e. Settings for Inline Editing
(9) Property

(7)-b-1. DataTable

(8)-b. Properties

API Version up (API 25.0 -> 31.0)

(1)-g. Deploy

Table Filter

(5) Search box for Table

Support for Quote Object

(1)-a. New
(25) Start Sync

(27) Create PDF
(27) View PDF

Support for Order Object

(1)-a. New
(28) Active

(29) Reduce Order

Edit existing Main Object and Items on the Studio Screen

(1)-d. Settings for Main Object
(9)-d. API reference name for Items

Allow Login Users to use with Filter Condition for table

(1)-b. Condition settings for Login User

Sample of codes for Mutually Exclusive lock (exclusive lock)

5-1-4-10. Exclusive lock at data renewal


Compatible with Salesforce1 Application development
・      Custom Lookup
・      Help Text
・      Tooltip
・      Detail Panel
・      Picklist(Multi-Select)
・      Related List
・      Page Assignment Template
・      Page Script
・      Destination for Page Transition

* See the following URL.
SkyVisualEditor Salesforce1 Support Guide

2-1-2. Salesforce Mobile Application
4-7-10 Screen Display on Salesforce1

(9) Property

(12)-e. Viewing Pages on Mobiles Devices

(9) Property

(10) Related Lists

4-8. Create a page with the Page Assignment Template

(6)-a. Edit PageScript

(9) Screen Transition

“Apex Class Extension” for Apex classes can be written from Studio Page.

(3)-b. Direct Editing on Studio

Conditionally show/hide items on a page

(9) Property

Availability of “Campaign” Object

(1)-a. New

Fix Header Location of Data Table

(7)-b-1. DataTable

Search Operators can be used in Custom Lookup Page Search Condition (in text format)

4-7-2 Set Search Criteria Fields

Specify the order of alignment sequence in Custom Lookup search condition (in select list format)

4-7-9 Usage in Salesforce

The number of allowed “Data Table” Components on a pages has increased from 10 to 30

(17) Component Counter

Automatic page size adjustment for PDF Pages in Studio.

(10) PDF

“Bulk Edit” and “Bulk Delete” buttons can be placed separately.

(7)-b-1. DataTable
(8)-b-1. MultipleRow DataTable

Western date format is available in “Today’s date” component.

(34)-b. Properties