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Frequently asked questions about the V15.3 release are answered.

The term "Package" in this page refers to "SkyVisualEditor VF AppExchange Package".

When installing the package, please make sure to verify the operation in advance in the Sandbox organization before reflecting it in the Production organization .

Q. What changed in the package version 15.3 ?

As of package version 15.3, the permission checks for Object and Field Level Security have been enhanced.

This allows < Apex Class Extensions > to be used more safely by automatically detecting permission errors in processes implemented by Apex class extensions.

As a reminder, Apex Class Extensions that perform processing on Objects or Fields  with insufficient access rights may have different processing results when the 15.3 package is applied.

When installing the package, please make sure to verify the operation in advance in the Sandbox organization.

15.3 does not change the functional aspects of SkyVisualEditor VF.

Q. What will be the impact of upgrading to version 15.3?

If the following conditions apply to the target page, an access permission error may occur after the 15.3 version update.

  -  The page uses the< Apex Class Extensions >.

  - The process implemented by the Apex Class Extension will be executed by a user who does not have access to the Object or Field on the target page.

The following pages contain sample impact examples and responses.

< Impact and examples of actions after upgrading to version 15.3 >

The process defined in the Apex Class Extension will be verified by the Sandbox organization, and if it is affected, it will need to be modified.  

Q. Can I still use 15.2?

After the release of 15.3, you can continue to use the package version 15.2 in the < latest environment > until the next major version upgrade (V16).

The installation URL for package version 15.2 is as follows

Q. What will be the impact if do not install the package version 15.3?

 If you do not install it, there will be no particular impact, but we recommend that you install it, because the change will be reflected in the next major version upgrade. 

Q. I am using SkyVisualEditor LC, does it affect me?

 SkyVisualEditor LC is not affected by this change.

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