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Frequently asked questions about the V14.2 release are answered.

The term "Package" in this page refers to "SkyVisualEditor VF AppExchange Package".

Q. What has changed in the package version 14.2 ?

 Due to security update, JavaScript library (jQuery) included in the package has been updated.

  jquery-1.7.2 ⇒ jquery-3.5.1

 This is a measure to provide users with more security in future SkyVisualEditor VF.

 There is no change in functionality of SkyVisualEditor VF in 14.2. Also, SkyVisualEditor LC is not subject to version up, so there is no impact on version up.

Q. Can I continue to use the package version 13.0 in the Previous Generation Environment ?

 Yes, After the release of 14.2, you can still use the package version 13.0 in the Previous Generation Environment.

 The 14.2 release will not switch the version of the Previous Generation Environment, so you can continue to use 13.0 until the next major version upgrade.

Q. Can I still use the package version 14.1 ?

Yes, After the release of 14.2, you can still use the package version 14.1 in the Production Environment.

After the release of 14.2, the Production Environment can be used by organizations that have either the "14.1" or "14.2" package version installed.

Please consider installing 14.2 according to your convenience.

Q. What is the procedure for installing the package version 14.2 ?

When installing the package, please make sure to verify the operation in the Sandbox organization first, and then reflect it in the production organization.

The basic installation procedure is the same as the previous packages.

  Step1. Install the package version 14.2

      Install the latest SkyVisualEditor VF package from the AppExchange store to the target organization.

      For details, please refer to < 2-1-2. Installation of SkyVisualEditor AppExchange Package >.

  Step2. Deploy each page and verify that it works.

     Deploy each page from Studio in the Production Environment and verify the operation.

     Due to the update of the JavaScript library (jQuery), pages that implement arbitrary scripts using jQuery in the JavaScript function may be affected after the introduction of 14.2 if they use old jQuery functions.

     When verifying, please check the extended script as well.

Q. What will be the impact if I do not install the package version 14.2 ?

 No security problem has been detected, but since the update involves security update, we recommend installing it for more secure use of SkyVisualEditor.

Q. Why is the product version 14.1 not listed in the Revision Information, but now it is 14.2 ?

 In the last major version upgrade, the product version became 14.0, but due to Salesforce specification, the version of SkyVisualEditor VF AppExchange package became 14.1.

 In order to resolve the version number discrepancy, the package version and product version have been unified as 14.2 in this release.

 For these reasons, the product version 14.1 does not exist.

Q. I am using SkyVisualEditor LC, does it affect me ?

 SkyVisualEditor LC is not affected by this change.

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