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Layout Name



Light Data Table

This Data Table is specialized in high speed displaying.
You can edit and save data on dialog page.

After placing the component on the layout, the below dialog will appear to select several options.

Setting Name


Basic Setting


Select Data Table which is either related or not related to the present layout of the Main object 
 Related:Display data which is related to the Main Object
 Not Related:Display data which is not related to the Main Object

ObjectSet relational object for Main object or non-related object

Set the number of columns in table.
Selectable from 1 to 40.

Viewing Configuration

Add Row

Set to show or hide the button to add new records.

Delete Row

Set to show or hide the button to delete records.


Allow the user to page through many results
We recommend to use paging for DataTables with very large numbers of records.

In Table Search

It will add a text-box for search which enables partial match search through the fields. 

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