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This feature allows you to make Visualforce pages created with SkyVisualEditor look like Lightning Experience design.
If you would like to make it look like Lightning Experience design, please check “Enable”. 
This LEX Design feature is available for Salesforce Layout, Search template, Custom Lookup, Wizard template(Salesforce Layout only), and Relational Object Entry layout.

Property nameDetail
EnableCheck “Enable” to enable LEX Desgin
InputField width 100%Displays input fields with 100% width size


【Set a button color of LEX design】
You can set the color of buttons for the LEX design on the page style property of SkyVisualEditor.
To set the color of buttons, please set the color with the style classes below.

  • button_brand
  • button_outline-brand
  • button_destructive
  • button_success
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