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Related List

Component to place Salesforce related lists.
You cannot change the layout of the related list from the Studio,
Salesforce defined related lists will be shown as is.
This component can be placed at either the very top or the very bottom of the page.
※PDF Pages may have lose some formatting.

Drag the related list to the area to be displayed and drop it in the canvas.
After dropping the component, you will be prompted for the related list that you would like to display.

For Salesforce mobile app, the related list’s data records will be displayed. Buttons and URLs will be hidden.

Some of the standard buttons and links of Related lists are hidden on Lightning Experience.
Please refer to the list below for more information on the standard buttons and links of Related lists available on Lightning Experience.



Related List

You can select from the related list defined as the main object in your Salesforce org.

    • Account Partner : AccountPartner
    • Actiity History : ActivityHistory
    • Asset : Asset
    • Attachment : Attachment
    • Campaign Member : CampaignMember
    • Case : Case
    • Role (case) of the Contact : CaseContactRole
    • Ase Solution : CaseSolution
    • Contact :Contact
    • Contract :Contract
    • Email Status : EmailStatus
    • Note and Attachment : NoteAndAttachment
    • Activity Schedule : OpenActivity
    • Opportunity : Opportunity
    • Role (Opportunity) of the Contact: OpportunityContactRole
    • Opportunity History : OpportunityHistory
    • Opportunity Item : OpportunityLineItem
    • Opportunity Partner: OpportunityPartner
    • Process Instance History : ProcessInstanceHistory
    • Quote : Quote
    • All Custom Relations

Page Count

Define the number of records to display between 5 and 15.
※Note that the page count can be overwritten on the Salesforce side.

Related list component is only available on Classic. For Lightning Experience and Salesforce Mobile Application, only data records are shown. Buttons and links are hidden.

There are some available functions in Lightning Experience as well as in Classic. Please see the table below.

Related List NameAvailable Related lists standard buttons and links

Actiity History : ActivityHistory

”Show All” : Able to show every Activity History records

Note and Attachment : NoteAndAttachment

”Show All” : Able to show every NoteAndAttachment records
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