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Property Name




Component ID defined in SkyVisualEditor

Object Label

Show label Name : API name of object

Merge Target

Select the objects of which events to merge


Variable used within the Visualforce to show Table Data Collection


Fit to Page

Set the width of the table to match that of the page.

This option is selectable when the Output Tag property is set to “DataTable”


Set the horizontal placement on the screen for the free layout.


Set the vertical placement on the screen for the free layout.


Set the width of the DataTable in pixels cannot be used with Adjust Page

Height Setting

Check to fix the height of the table


Set the height of the DataTable in pixels cannot be used with Adjust Page

Height Adjustment

Select to define a row height for the table. When unchecked,
the table will stretch to dynamically meet the necessary height of the contained values.

Header height[px]

Table header row height in pixels.

Row height[px]

Table row height in pixels



Set the number of columns in the table.

Selectable from 1 to 40.

Max Record Count

Shows the maximum record number. (input range: 1~1000)

Defaulted at 500 rows.

Output Tag

Select table style from below.


 Table width is equal to the page width and table height expands with the number of rows.
Only selectable if the DataTable is placed in a page block.


Manually Set the Table Width and Height.

Fix Header Location

The table’s header location can be fixed when the check box is turned on.


Select the style of the DataTable.

・None=No color




This is selectable only if Output Tag is set to DataTable.

Custom header color

Select the color of header from Color picker or enter 16 bit color code.

*Available when the Theme is set as custom.

Table Feature

Show RowCount

Set to show or hide a number of records in the table. 


Activate the sorting feature for tables.

Default setting: Checked on (Activated)


Allow the user to page through many results

We recommend you to use paging for DataTables with very large numbers of records.

Show Rows

When paging is active, select the number of records to show in one page from below.


This property is only available when paging is active.

Delete button

Button will show when the box is checked. 

This feature becomes unmodifiable when “add row” is checked on.
You must click “save” button to fully erase the row (clicking “erase row” button will not erase the data immediately)

Edit Delete Button Value

Overwrite the Delete Button label

Delete Button Value

The Delete Button label. Default value is "Delete".

Bulk Edit

Set Bulk Edit feature for Table

Button for Bulk Edit will show when checkbox is turned on.

Edit Bulk Edit Button Value

Overwrite the Bulk Edit Button label

Bulk Edit Button value

The Bulk Edit Button label. Default value is Bulk Edit.

Delete Selected Button Value

The Deleted Selected Button label. Default value is Delete Selected

Edit Select Delete Value Button

Select to edit “Select Delete Button Value”

Select Delete Button Value

Value for “Select Delete Button” can be edited when check box is turned on. Default setting is “Select Delete.””

Table Message

Select to show/hide a table message

Table Message Setting

Set the content of the [Table Message]

For details see < (3) Table Message Setting >

Client-side Filter

Add search box to the table to search items for partial text match.

For details see < (5) Search box for Table >

Advanced table feature

Remove Required

By making the required fields optional at input time you can copy multiple rows and
input data afterwards whereas if required fields are required at input time you must fill out an entire record before copying it.


Set the filter criteria for the records in the table.

For details see < (1) Table Condition Setting >


Settings for Read-only data tables.

When placing a Reference Field within a table, you can fasten the time to display a screen This will minimize the view state usage size as well.

Conditions bellow will apply when checked on:

-When Inline Editing feature is set active, this component will not be available for do inline editing.

-The Input Field in a table will automatically change to View Field.

-Unable to set Input Field in a table.

Default setting:

-Checked on: Search Template (View), Custom Look-up Template, Dashboard Layout

-Checked off: Salesforce Layout, Free Layout, Search Template (New/Edit, Complex), Parent-Child Template, Wizard Template

Tab Index

Tab Index

Select cursor move order when pressing tab key



Call a Javascript function from the table.

For details, see < (2) Table Script Editor >

Display Settings

PageBlock’s display setting (Show/Hide) can be dynamically controlled.
Click the  button to show Display Setting screen.
Please refer to < (2)-b-1. Display Settings > for more information

Style Class

Set Style Sheet
Click to show Style Class Editor. Please refer to <( 9)-c. Style Class > for more information.

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