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Make the page available in your Salesforce organization.

Click the deploy button to bring up the Deploy Confirmation dialog.

SkyVisualEditor makes the following components automatically and deploys them to Salesforce. MetaData API version at deploy is 31.0.

  • Visualforce page (API : 42.0)
  • Apex class (API : 42.0)
  • Apex test class (API : 42.0)
  • Lightning Component (API : 42.0)

Salesforce requires that all Apex code is tested when deployed to an organization.

When deploying to a production organization all tests (including for Apex classes independent from SkyVisualEditor) need to pass with more than 75% test coverage.



Destination Org

Test Environment

Select if you deploy to Sandbox environment or Pre-Release environment, or if you use the Developer Edition.
Execute Apex test for the pages you created. If the org detects a trigger which has a low coverage rate, warning will appear.
If you deploy to Production environment, an error will occur.

Production Environment

Select if you deploy to Production environment.
Execute test to all Apex classes exist in your Salesforce org except for the administration package.
If you deploy to Test environment, it will be deployed without executing the Apex test.

Overwrite confirmation

Show a warning when there is a Visualforce page or Apex class with the same name in the Studio or the destination Salesforce org.

Asynchronous deployment

Allows users to operate on the Studio before the page deploy to the Salesforce Organization is complete.
The deploy results can be checked from the Deploy History dialogue.

*The values will be cached in the browser

Preview Apex class string

View the Apex code that is generated for the page

If the deploy completes without error, the Deployment completed dialog is shown.
To view the Visualforce page in the Salesforce organization, click the "Open" link.

If the deployment fails, a dialog like the following will be shown listing any problems encountered.

Deployment may take time as it includes time for executing test for relevant Apex class.
SkyVisualEditor can wait for 900 seconds (15 minutes) at maximum for receiving a response during deployment.
If it takes more time, a timeout error will occur.
Please note that the Apex class test will not resume even if an error occurs. So deployment should be done without any problem.

You can check if the page is deployed in your Salesforce org, even if the timeout error is seen in the Studio.

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