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These properties are basic settings for the entire page.


Property name


Object name

Show the main object name selected from the layout manager.
Click icon to change the Main Object

Refer to < (1)-d. Settings for Main Object >for more details.

Visualforce page




Set Visualforce page name at deploy
Please check if the same Visualforce page does not exist in the designated Salesforce Organization.

Display Label

Set Visualforce page display label at deploy
Able to Edit when “Edit” is checked on.


Set Visualforce page description at deploy
*”Comments” created in Ver.2.3 or earlier will apply to this setting.

Apex class



Class name

Set Apex Class name at deploy.
Able to edit when “Edit” is checked on.

Test class name

Set Apex Test Class name at deploy.
Able to “Edit” when checked on.

With sharing

Set to use sharing rule in Salesforce or not.
Except for special reason, we recommend to use the  sharing rule

  • On:Apex class is made as “with sharing”
  • Off:Apex class is made as “without sharing”


Comment to help the administrator keep track of the page. This comment is saved in SkyVisualEditor not in Salesforce organization.

Page size (px)

The Salesforce layout will expand as elements are added but the Free Layout is fixed to a certain size.





Set entire resolution in design canvas


Set entire page width in design canvas


Set entire page height in design canvas

Show header (*)Show the header on the Salesforce screen or not.
Show Sidebar (*)Show the sidebar on the Salesforce screen or not.
When placed on the screen Detail Panel or Free hand input item Without the check is set.
Tab Style

Set page color, style, tab, or custom Visualforce tab.
To set an object or API name or Visualforce page as the tab, Input the tab name +“__tab”

Page TitleDefine the HTML Title to be displayed in the web browser when this page is shown
URL Parameter settingSet URL parameters and the default field values.
Enable Inline EditingActivate Inline Editing for Items.

Please refer to < (1)-e. Settings for Inline Editing > for more details.
Default value is false.

Skip Save for Main Object

It will skip save for the main object when it is checked and only related objects will be saved. This function can be useful when you would like to edit related objects only.

Extended Property (*)
(For developers)

Set attribution of Visualforce<apex:page>.
Property setting will result in different effect depending on the setting value, and it may affect other features. Therefore, please be aware that we do not support this setting as a tool.
See Visualforce Developer’s Guide for each setting.

 cacheSet if the browser will save cache information for the page
 contentTypeA MIME contents Type used in Page display
 docTypeDefine HTML docType for the page structure.
 ExpiresExpiration setting (in seconds) for the cache attribute
 languageRelated translation language will be used in label display of the Salesforce Language.

A manifest attribute used to view cache manifest file used online for produced <html> tags.
To activate the manifest attribute, set docType=html l-5.0, and turn off PDF setting.

 renderedShow/hide page
 setupAvailability of standard style
 showChatShow chat widget
 standardStylesheetsAdd Salesforce CSS
*Note: Value can be set dynamically from URL parameter. Please refer to < (1)-c. Dynamic URL Parameter settings > for detail.







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